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Elephant Brains ... dedicated to unique products not found elsewhere on the Internet ... Heisman Trophy Coffee ... VitalX for enhancing your health, a natural nutrition ... Gooley Chair to relax on your front side ... Holidays for $23 a night ... private label magazine to provide customer appreciation and sales incentives ... skytyping at 10,000 feet up in the sky to leverage millions of people to your product - messages as high as the Empire State Building and five miles long - covering over 2,500 square miles on a campaign leveraging millions of people ... mobile wifi phone for flat fee per month - no per minute fees in 14 countries ... call from your home, your office, restaurant, neighbors, or anywhere without any dialing FREE long distance ... a virtual assistant that handles all your inbound, outbound, email, broadcasting, voice mail, messaging, long distance, for a flat fee per month - no per minute fees ... join our yacht club - "Business By The Sea Yacht Club" and learn the art of synchronicity and building relationships to grow your business ... electronic parts not found anywhere else for the best price ... call the work order angel to process your work for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, electronics, biomedical, maintenance without the use of a computer ... one mans junk is another mans treasure - go to the garage sale 24x7 at garagequeen.com ...

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Heisman Trophy Coffee


Napili Kai Beach Resort

M3Power Training Center


Garage Sale 24x7

$49 per year via email.


Holiday For Me

$23 per night plus tax.


Feats of Excellence


Cousteau Watches


Your Natural Look

Hair Hats


Messages in the SKY

Leverage 6 million people


Business By The Sea

Grow your Business


Purpose Driven Network

Problems, Issues & Solutions
Meets every 2nd Thursday and the last Friday of the month at Jolanda's in Lake Forest, CA

RSVP: 800.333.1157

Business Group


Collidal Silver

Help Your Immune System


3 million Electronic Parts

An Expediters Dream


Call 800.477.2334 or  949.328.0126

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Unstopable Excellence

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Business By The Sea

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What is Elephant Brains?

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Elephant Brains, called EB for short, is a web site that is dedicated to unique products not found elsewhere. It is as simple as that. No search engines at this time, although, this may come to be. When the quantity of the products become so hard to manage on just the front page, then there will be a directory of the products by category, area code and telephone number, by description and by the product name. As you can see by the kind of products listed on this front page these products would be hard to find elsewhere.

Elephant Brains (EB) was originally prompted by the product called the "Gooley Chair." Yes you ask, what the heck is a "Gooley Chair?" Well if you must know, the "Gooley Chair" is an orthopedically designed lounge chair that is designed to meet the contour of your body while reading a book and sipping on an ice tea. Lay flat on your front side for hours without moving a muscle. No other lounge chair offers this kind of relation contoured to fit your body for hours. And as I asked my customers questions about this and that, and travelled here and there, and said, "ping, pang, pong" I realized that there is a goodly amount of unique products out there that are not found anywhere and should be promoted. Hence, the "Elephant Brains" was born.

You see, elephants being so large, legs so big and round, toes so short and stubby, and of course the nose. The nose is unique in itself and we often forget about how smart the elephant is and how well he remembers; here is a real example of how well the elephant remembers. Click here to see "Elephants Don't Forget!"


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Unlimited calls in the USA 24x7  starting at $35/mo.

                This is a virtual phone. Make calls from any other phone, use the Internet, use someones elses cell phone, use your office phone, use your home phone....this is a SOIP virtual phone system that works globally from any other country just by plugging into the Internet. SOIP is called "Speech Over Internet Protocol." Just say "Call Disneyland Home of Mickey Mouse" and you are connected from anywhere you are in the world and Mickey answers the phone. LEAVE a message for up to 2,500 people in seconds...send an email to anyone just by talking on the phone....have your emails read to you...have your phone follow you where ever you go....and much more.



Donations for Non-Profits

Girls, Inc.

Growers First, Inc.

Children's Charities of America

Make a Wish Foundation

California Medical
Instrumentation Association

Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society

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Earthquake Preparedness

Whois By Ip

 <a href="http://www.survival-goods.com">Earthquake Preparedness</a>

<a href="http://whois-ip.e-dns.org">Whois By Ip</a>


Heisman Trophy Coffee Special...FREE with membership in "Business By The Sea Yacht Club", or one (1) wifi telephone at $199 each and $29 per month (no contract) covers 21 countries 24x7 (no per minute fees), or purchase a "Gooley Lounge Chair."



Dancing Angel. Made with the lost wax process, hand sculpted and finished in pewter. Stands approximately 12 inches high.

Buy Now!

Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Although Hyper-baric Oxygen Therapy is not a new process, the creative approach the Wright 1000 Monoplace Hyper-baric Oxygen Chamber has taken, certainly is.


Do You  Drink Water?

Do you know what is in the water you
Do you know what it costs to make
great drinking water?

Do you know what you body needs
regarding water?

Tell Me About Water!

Bank On Water!

I Share Water!


Chocolate Milk!

$0.56 per cup
9 mg caffeine






Learn How To  Prepair for Joint Commission
inspections for facilities engineering and clinical engineering. Click below to see a sample of the questions for self preparation.




The "Gooley Chair", is an orthopedically designed lounge chair that is designed to meet the contour of your body while reading a book and sipping on an ice tea. Lay flat on your front side for hours without moving a muscle. Then try and go back to your discounted $89 lounge chair.

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Excellence Magazine

A private label magazine for your company.



New Product!

Work Order Angel 


Forget about it!  The computer that is. Yes that is right. Pick up the phone and call the "Work Order Angel" when you want to close a planned maintenance work order, issue a demand work order, locate a work order, create a work order, or close a work order, just say it!


A simple dialog:


"Hello, this is the work order angel, what would you like to do?"

A pause, the party on the phone doesn't know what to say.

Then the work order angel says,

"Well, if you want to create a work order, say Create Work Order,"

"You can say Close Work Order to close a work order,"

"You can say Locate a Work Order to locate a work order."

"What would you like to do?"


This is the interactive voice response program for the work order angel. A simple process that records the details of equipment, systems, work flow, assets and contracts. Can you imagine how important it is the close the gap from the worker to the clerk of the works? The equipment identification; the problem(s), the urgency/priority of the work as directed or reassigned; the finality or final function/disposition of the work order; the solution(s) now creating the knowledge base from the problem to the solution direct from the party that does the work; the time worked and reworked from one day to another; the parts used; and the most important part, it gives credit to the worker(s) for all jobs completed, not just the basic information for a job well done.


"Attitude is the fiber of good performance."




Design your own client/server and web enabled system without writing a line of conventional software programming code. That's right, without one single line of conventional software programming code." Just messmerize, theorize, magicianize and your program is created. Don't believe it, see for your self via our webinar video conferencing. Call for appointment.







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